International Justice
Meeting at the United Nations In New York
The participation of Lawyer Brigitte Chelebian in a meeting at the United Nations In New York on criminal justice and laws

Challenges and proposals for women's access to justice
Within the program of women’s access to justice, Justice Without Frontiers organized a workshop about the challenges and proposals for women’s access to justice within the Civil Status law in Lebanon, and that was held in the Bar Association on 27/07/2017.
Women Marathon
Women activists within the Lebanese Forces Party organized a race in the city of Byblos entitled “Run for Women”. More than three thousand participants of different ages took part of the race, in presence of several political and media figures as well as numerous people interested in women issues.
Law students training
Ever since its establishment, Justice Without Frontiers aims at gathering a largest team of fighters in terms of women’s access to justice case, through a series of trainings among which we mention two about gender,
Women’s access to justice a broad title encompassing numerous claims making some people ask: what will you be able to do? It seems that this title includes many gaps which Justice Without Frontiers is aiming at overcoming them so that the way of justice remains passable.
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