International Justice
International Justice Day campaign
On 21 July 2016, “Justice without frontiers” members and volunteers conducted a campaign on the shores of Mount Lebanon. The target was promoting the work that JWF does such as the free legal consultations on the occasion of the International Justice Day.
JWf team and volunteers invaded the shore with lighters and business cards of justice without frontiers distributed on the people there, with the slogan “for a more just society hotline 70-800820” on the lighters.
High number of people was interested in the work of JWf and the idea of the campaign implemented plus the real hard wok trying to ensure women access to justice and wanted to be part of the other upcoming campaigns. 
NGO Fair at NDU
On June 1, 2016 Notre Dame University, organized an NGO fair in the main campus at Zouk Mosbeh, and "Justice without Frontiers" participated also this year. 

Promoting women's access to justice triggered us to launch a campaign trying to involve students in the call for women's justice. Since Lebanon was passing through a month of municipal elections, we started from the act of electing.

First the students used the ink pads in order to fingerprint on a huge paper adding to it a quote and signature assuring that he or she supports women's justice. Then they took pictures with the slogan "Electing is a right same as women's justice" mentioning the hashtags related. 

Youth are mainly motivated and ready to support especially NDU students who showed a real interest in "Justice Without frontiers" messages and goal. Not only students were interested but also other NGOs who were also participating in the fair. 

Adding to that there were as well the following TV presenters who were also introduced to JWF such as Michel Azzi (Micho show), Nadia Bsat, and Majed Bou Hadir, and they really liked JWF and the work it presents. 
Awareness Session at NCO Fayadiye
ME. Brigitte Chelebiane gave onJune 8, 2016 an awareness session at the central NCO in Fayadiye.
Personal status among the Christian sects plus a general definition about domestic violence, were the main topics discussed.
The participants showed a gigantic interest in the topics and tended to ask questions in order to increase their knowledge.
Adding to that, folders including booklets about “Justice without Frontiers” and certain laws were distributed.
Due to the high level of interest and focus, time passed by so fast that the participants didn’t realize that the session is over.  
Awareness session for the General security Beirut
In the framework of raising awareness, Maitre Brigitte Chelebian, Director of "Justice Without Frontiers", discussed the Lebanese Protection Law, at the center of General Security Beirut, Wednesday 27 April 2016. The audience was about one hundred men and women members of the general security.
Maitre Chelebian targeted specifically the expenses, compensation and custody in case of the parent's separation when it comes to the Christian's religion.
The interaction plus the high number of the participants shows the positive effects and success of the session.  

Awareness session in The Lebanese University – Hadath Branch

"Justice Without Frontieres" organized an awareness session for the students of the Faculty of Law at the Lebanese University – Hadath Branch. The session was held on the 26th of February 2016 and was attended by the Director of the Faculty Dr. Hussein Obeid and his advisor Dr. Joseph Shreim and a representative of the "European Union”, in addition to a correspondent of “L'orient Le Jour" newspaper.
During the session, Dr. Maryline Karam explained the importance of women's rights in the International conventions and Personal status laws, and there was a discussion about some of the terms and conditions.
Then, the students had some interference where they presented poems and acting scenes highlighting the violence against women in our society.
Finally, the meeting was concluded with general recommendations.

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