International Justice
Justice without Frontiers Play
How many times have you heard the following sentence: “she is a girl and wants to become a physician? She better become an instructor which would be enough for her.”
Unfortunately, male mentality is still predominant in our society, whether in men or women, becoming a bigger problem when women tear each other down.
Round table for Community Leaders
Seminar entitled “Leading Roles for Women” Organized by Justice Without Frontiers
Justice Without Frontiers organized a round table entitled “Leading Roles for Women” which included society’s pioneers from different Lebanese parties, religious and scout groups, as well as civil society’s organizations, who have a great impact on a major part of the society.

NGO Fairs
Annually some Lebanese universities organize NGO fairs in order to introduce students to social work and educate them on how important the work of the NGOs is in improving our society.
Justice Without Frontiers (JWF) participated in four university NGO Fairs AUB, USJ, University of Saint Louize in Zouk Mousbeh and finally Sagesse university
Women's March 2017
“Many causes, one struggle” this is the slogan that more than 2000 women marched under, on 11th of March 2017 from Sessine square to Kaskas garden celebrating International Women’s day where many, young students and feminist NGOs united to demand their rights.
16 days of activism 2016
On the 4th of December 2016, JWf team and volunteers went to Jbeil, where the Christmas decoration is present and a large number of people available. They were disguised as beaten women holding facts about violence against women, which shocked the people passing and being disguised like this triggering them to stop and take a moment in order to read the facts and know more about JWF. 
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