Training for lawyers in the Beirut Bar Association 24-07-2015
On the 24th of July 2015, JWF gave a training at the Beirut bar association, to the lawyers members of the Beirut bar association about the protection law of Women and Family Members from Domestic Violence.
During the session, our psycho social officer Ms. Mia Koussaife gave a presentation about the definition of domestic violence and its consequences.
In addition, the director of JWF Me. Brigitte Chelebian introduced the protection law, how to obtain it and how it confronts the Lebanese personal status law.
On the other hand, Lieutenant Colonel Elie Al Asmar head of the Research and Lessons and the Commander of the Officers Academy, intervened and discussed with the attendees the role that plays the internal security officers in implementing this law.
Finally, the session was enclosed by distributing certificates on the attendees.