JWF planting a Cedar on the “Godfather day”
The Cedar is not only a symbol present on the Lebanese flag, since it  became accessible to everyone with the help of “The Friends of the Cedar Forest Committee”  that revived the annual “Godfather day” October 15, 2016, and "Justice Without Frontiers" had the opportunity to participate in such a prosperous event .
“Justice Without Frontiers”team headed to the Cedars composed of the MEAL and Field Officer Ms. Maria Khoury, Media Officer Ms. Mirella Bou Khalil, and the social assistance, Ms. Sarine Srydarian where the members of the committee instructed the visitors to their cedars, and the students of Khalil Gibran’s school helped in the organization and distributed to the participants a box of apples as a gift for their contribution in spreading the cedars on the Lebanese hills.
 Several public figures also attended the “Godfather day “such as artists, officers from the Lebanese army, and a number of people from the region.