NGO Fairs
 Annually some Lebanese universities organize NGO fairs in order to introduce students to social work and educate them on how important the work of the NGOs is in improving our society.
Justice Without Frontiers (JWF) participated in four university NGO Fairs AUB, USJ, University of Saint Louize in Zouk Mousbeh and finally Sagesse university.
The Minister of social affairs, Pierre Bou Assi attended the NGO fairs and focused on the importance of their role in the society, and focused as well on networking between all concerned sides is vital for greater achievements.
Students were very interested in JWF’s services and were surprised that there’s an NGO that helps women legally in Lebanon and supports them to reach justice. Having OXFAM as a partner helped a lot with the program and co-operating with them is fundamental for our work and mission to achieve justice.
The light was shed on the importance of women reaching justice in an interview with Karin Hayek, a journalist in “L’orient le jour” where she was introduced to the work of JWF through talks with the field officer, Miss Maria Khoury.   

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