The National March for the Achieving of Equality and Full Citizenship for Women Gathering (Demonstration)

The march was held to support the demands of women in Lebanon in order to achieve equality and full citizenship for women.

1. Development of an optional civil law of personal status.

2. Lebanese women's right to grant citizenship to their families.

3. Criminalization of violence against women and girls.

4. Adoption of the women's quota by 33% at least in all decision-making positions.

5. The reformation of electoral law and the adoption of the proportional system.

6. Adoption of the civil rights and economic and social development of female Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

7. Protection of the personal safety of women and enhancement of their role in the consolidation of civil peace.

8. Elimination of discrimination against women in the Lebanese Penal Code.

9. Gender equality in labor law and social security and maternity rights.

10. Gender equality in the tax system.