Women Marathon
Women activists within the Lebanese Forces Party organized a race in the city of Byblos entitled “Run for Women”. More than three thousand participants of different ages took part of the race, in presence of several political and media figures as well as numerous people interested in women issues.
In this context, Justice Without Frontiers played a major role in the marathon especially that the said organization is the patron of this activity, not to mention mobilization and participation

Further, the social support network took part of the race in order to stress women’s role, being half of the society, and her right to access decision-making positions. Mrs. Therese Sarkis, member of Justice Without Frontiers, ranked first. The race was followed by cups distribution to winners and Mrs. Sarkis obtained the rank 1 cup.

Through its platform, Justice Without Frontiers distributed water bottles holding the organization’s hot slogan in order to obtain legal consultation: “for women’s access to justice, if you need any legal consultation call 70/800820”.

Moreover, 2018 calendars were distributed and which include Justice Without Frontiers code and the photo of the graffiti that was previously drawn by the organization in Nabaa.

Even though the organizer is based on a political background, shedding the light on the importance of women gave several organizations and the participating individuals the opportunity to participate, setting political affiliations aside, while confirming that supporting women and granting them the priority to access the finishing line constitute hope for a starting point towards a more just society.