International Justice
16 days of activism 2016
On the 4th of December 2016, JWf team and volunteers went to Jbeil, where the Christmas decoration is present and a large number of people available. They were disguised as beaten women holding facts about violence against women, which shocked the people passing and being disguised like this triggering them to stop and take a moment in order to read the facts and know more about JWF. Some women were with their husbands and weren’t able to approach or take the info graph so they were taking picture of the team standing focusing on the hotline available under one of the facts.
Facts used during the campaign:
·       One in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence not only in Lebanon, mostly by an intimate partner.
·       In 2012, 1 in 2 women killed worldwide were killed by their partners or family.
·         32 Countries exempt rape perpetrators from prosecution when they marry the victim; Lebanon is one of these countries. (Mentioning that the campaign was done before theadministration and justice committee agreed to repeal article 522 of the penal code and that on December 7, 2016)
·       You are not the only one abused, for any legal consultation call Justice without Frontiers 70800820

 Others wanted to volunteer with us and support JWF’s goal in any way possible. The goal was to show the people that being beaten is not a thing to laugh about or consider it as a Halloween costume because in reality women are being beaten and it’s not something to laugh about. Shocking them with the facts helped shod the light on this issue and raising awareness about it. 
JWF planting a Cedar on the “Godfather day”
The Cedar is not only a symbol present on the Lebanese flag, since it  became accessible to everyone with the help of “The Friends of the Cedar Forest Committee”  that revived the annual “Godfather day” October 15, 2016, and "Justice Without Frontiers" had the opportunity to participate in such a prosperous event .
“Justice Without Frontiers”team headed to the Cedars composed of the MEAL and Field Officer Ms. Maria Khoury, Media Officer Ms. Mirella Bou Khalil, and the social assistance, Ms. Sarine Srydarian where the members of the committee instructed the visitors to their cedars, and the students of Khalil Gibran’s school helped in the organization and distributed to the participants a box of apples as a gift for their contribution in spreading the cedars on the Lebanese hills.
 Several public figures also attended the “Godfather day “such as artists, officers from the Lebanese army, and a number of people from the region. 
Women's Committee of Hasroun
In the frame of spreading awareness about women empowerment and women’s access to justice, “Justice without frontiers “in collaboration with the Women's Committee of Hasroun conducted a seminar for the women who participated in the breakfast held on the 17th of September 2016, focusing on the role of women in society.
Maria Khoury the MEAL and field officer of Justice without frontiers discussed the importance of activating the role of women and increasing her self-confidence through involving her in committees and associations of civil society.
The crowd highly interfered with this topic and Ms. Maria answered all their questions. 
International Justice Day campaign
On 21 July 2016, “Justice without frontiers” members and volunteers conducted a campaign on the shores of Mount Lebanon. The target was promoting the work that JWF does such as the free legal consultations on the occasion of the International Justice Day.
JWf team and volunteers invaded the shore with lighters and business cards of justice without frontiers distributed on the people there, with the slogan “for a more just society hotline 70-800820” on the lighters.
High number of people was interested in the work of JWf and the idea of the campaign implemented plus the real hard wok trying to ensure women access to justice and wanted to be part of the other upcoming campaigns. 
NGO Fair at NDU
On June 1, 2016 Notre Dame University, organized an NGO fair in the main campus at Zouk Mosbeh, and "Justice without Frontiers" participated also this year. 

Promoting women's access to justice triggered us to launch a campaign trying to involve students in the call for women's justice. Since Lebanon was passing through a month of municipal elections, we started from the act of electing.

First the students used the ink pads in order to fingerprint on a huge paper adding to it a quote and signature assuring that he or she supports women's justice. Then they took pictures with the slogan "Electing is a right same as women's justice" mentioning the hashtags related. 

Youth are mainly motivated and ready to support especially NDU students who showed a real interest in "Justice Without frontiers" messages and goal. Not only students were interested but also other NGOs who were also participating in the fair. 

Adding to that there were as well the following TV presenters who were also introduced to JWF such as Michel Azzi (Micho show), Nadia Bsat, and Majed Bou Hadir, and they really liked JWF and the work it presents. 
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